Who is this guy? | Ben Denay


If I was ever inclined to get a tattoo, the Great Lakes Bay Region logo inked on my arm would make a lot of sense.  I grew up on the north side of Bay City and graduated from John Glenn High School.  My college days took me to Northwood University in Midland.  After college I moved a way for a bit to Lansing, but was very determined to get back to my hometown. 

My wife Amy and I have been raising our family in the Great Lakes Bay Region since 2002 and in Saginaw for the last 8 years.  I know the Great Lakes Bay Region.  I love the Great Lakes Bay Region.  I want my 4 children to live and raise their families in this area too.  When I see projects in our downtown core areas I get excited. This is why I am a part of Infuse GLB. 

When I met with Jen and Wayne for lunch to discuss Infuse GLB, I knew right away I wanted to be involved. I am a CPA with nearly 20 years of private business management experience, certainly not the background you’d think of for a community development organization.  If they thought my experiences could be of help to a developer or projects in our region then I was in!  I hope to use my business background to help developers with the vision to take on a project make those projects be able to pay the bills and make them sustainable.  

The team at Infuse has an incredible knowledge base to help anyone at just about any stage of a development move the project form.  Just as important, we all love and care for our region and want to see our core areas continue to progress. 

Wayne Hofmann