Advisory Board Update

jANUARY 2019

Your Bi-Monthly update about the activities of Infuse Great Lakes Bay.

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Incremental Development Comes to Bay City!

The Incremental Development Alliance hosted a seminar on January 23 at City Market in Bay City in front of a capacity crowd of 40 people from our region interested in incremental development! I’m proud to report that this was their biggest turnout of their recent events held in Michigan, which means they are very interested in returning to the Great Lakes Bay Region.

The event featured keynote speaker Jim Kumon, Executive Director of the Incremental Development Alliance. He provided an overview of what Incremental Development means and a few tips and tricks of the trade. The event ended with attendees evaluating a sample project proforma as a group.

Thank you to City Market for providing the venue!

We need success stories!

A key objective of Infuse Great Lakes Bay is to showcase high-quality, impactful development of all sizes. In the coming month, we will post case studies of projects in our region that embody what we hope to achieve in our region. This includes success stories in our own neighborhood, such as the SVRC Marketplace, City Market, The Legacy, and others that exhibit a successful reuse of urban property. If you know of a great case study that we can showcase, please let us know!

You can also forward our success story application form to those that might apply to be featured on our website and on social media!



Project #2: 1st Baptist Church | 322 N. Jefferson Avenue


We are partnering with Great Lakes Bay Health Centers to market the former 1st Baptist Church. The organization currently owns the building as seeks partners, buyers, or other parties to redevelop this property at the doorstep of Riverfront Saginaw.

This project is an excellent example of how Infuse can work with a non-profit organization to market properties in the interest of revitalizing a real estate asset. Our partnership allows us to focus on catalyzing the redevelopment of this property, while Great Lakes Bay Health Centers can focus on it’s core mission of providing affordable health care in our region.

We are currently finalizing agreements to assist owners and potential developers on several projects. If you know of any projects where Infuse can play a positive role in helping developers, investors, and land owners build value in our region, please let us know!

As we add projects over the coming months, we will be making them public one at a time. Stay tuned!

Roles of an Infuse Advisory Board Member

If you have agreed to become an Infuse Great Lakes Bay Advisory Board member, you have a passion for the region and its future. We want to make the most of your passion, and more importantly, your time. Please understand these modest roles that we expect of Advisory Board members!

  • If you’ve been invited to the Advisory Board, it is because you have respected experience and knowledge in a certain field. Instead of a static subcommittee structure, Infuse will operate Task Forces with very direct objectives and short-term (3-6 month) horizons to complete them. As Task Forces are created, we will invite Advisory Board members to participate.

  • While we expect Advisory Board members to share counsel and guidance along the way, we also hope you will identify mentees and up-and-coming professionals who are willing to give time and talent in advancing our mission.

  • Your networks speak for themselves. As regional leaders, you have a great handle on what is going on within your community and beyond. Please be an ambassador for Infuse Great Lakes Bay and connect us with those aspiring developers, investors, and property owners who wish to build value in our region!

  • Please consider making a donation to Infuse. Through personal donations by Board Members and a key donation from a business sponsor, we’ve raised enough money to cover our legal costs for incorporation and non-profit paperwork. Now, we need to raise funds to seed programming and hosting training in our region. Infuse is a 501(c)3 organization, so any donations by you or your organization will be a tax deductible contribution.

To make your donation, please write a check to the order of Infuse Great Lakes Bay, 203 South Washington Avenue, Box #12, Saginaw, MI 48607. Acknowledgement of your donation will be sent to you.